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Pacific Energy Heaters

Pacific energy logo

Pacific Energy don't make just any heater range, their focus is to make highly efficient wood heaters that not only burn less wood, product less smoke, but are made to last.  Every hand built Pacific Energy heater is packed with unique features - features that you don't find in the average heater like the Floating firebox, or the self closing ash dump, of the knife edge door seal, or the automatic fan.. there are more reasons to buy a Pacific Energy Heater than just the price 


ecomaxx ringer freestanding fireplace in black

Ecomaxx Woodheaters began in Australia in 2006, with the manufacturing plant in Pakenham Victoria, and were made locally until 2014. 

2014 saw the successful sale of the business to SBI International who are one of Canada's largest wood heater manufacturers. All Ecomaxx wood heaters are now made in Quebec Canada, and shipped back to australia

Pyroclassic Fires

Pyroclassic fireplace in colourful orange

If you want the best in burning technology, combined with the versatility of 120 colour variations, a low emissions burner from Pyroclassic Fires might be just what you need!

The Pyroclassic ceramic fire chamber retains heat like a kiln. This impressive heat storage capacity means you can enjoy the convenience of extended burn times and a consistent release of heat. Reload less and stay warm for longer with a fuel efficiency rate of only 1kg per hour*.

Esse Heaters

Black esse 700 freestanding multi fuel wood heater with large viewing glass door.

ESSE have the reputation of stunning quality products, and the esse 700 Wood Heater is just more proof of this. With its large stunning glass door, this little heater is perfect for any country home wanting to heat up to 100m2 With 2 x air controls, you can change the way your ESSE 700 burns. The Top air control gives you FLAMES...and lots of flames! Where the bottom air control works like bellows to give your fire a serious boost when needed 

True North Heaters

True north ,quality and value logo

Made in Canada by Pacific Energy, the True North offers simple quality with true performance. 

Enerzone Heaters

enerzone more than just a heating solution, logo


More than a heating solution

Wood and pellet stoves, inserts and fireplaces, discover our wide range of premium quality Canadian made heaters specifically designed for your home.

Pellet Heaters

Edison pellet heater on black hearth ,with digital programmable screen pad,

Newest High Efficiency pellet stove, boasting great contemporary design and highly economical performance

Grill Heaters

Chesney heat & grill fireplace made in uk,

The Heat & Grill is perfect for entertaining outside. The massive glass door not only belts out the heat, but gives you the largest visual of your fire. A one step air control gives you TOTAL control over your fire and adjusts the heat with a single touch 

Kent Heaters

 Kent the flame of the future,Kent wood heater logo

 Kent, have designed a wide range of heaters to suit any space, style and budget to ensure your family is kept warm on even the coldest nights. Sleek, modern design or rustic traditional charm – you'll find a Kent wood heater that's right for your Design and made for the unique Australian conditions

Osburn Heaters

Osburn wood heater logo

Osburn Heaters enterprise dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of residential heating appliances sold around the world. Made in Canada.

Yunca Heaters

Yunca part of the family , yunca wood heater logo.

Yunca heaters have gained a reputation for their uncompromising build quality and heating ability. Our customers also tell us they are more than just heaters, they become part of the family.  Founded in 1977 on the principal of 'quality first', Yunca is a 100% New Zealand family-owned business. Our dedication to quality and our customers, means that we still carry a full range of parts for models we manufactured 40 years ago, which are still going strong. Our new range of modern and stylish wood burners are clean air approved, with that same commitment to being more than just a heater

Gas Heaters

Pacific energy esprit gas log fire with louvre fascia ,on tiled wall.

The Award winning Gas Log fires are designed for homes that want a WOW factor, without the WOW price tag. Simple to install, easy to use and packed with every feature available 

Esse electric Heater

Esse electric heater

Stunning, Stylish, Elegant, Efficient - the award winning Esse Vector Electric heater is not just a heater, its a piece of art, the Esse Vector is a 2kW electric plug in heater, perfect for heating up to 20m2.. but its no ordinary electric heater : its an old fashion heat-bank.. No fan, its a convection heater that heats quietly and efficiently   

ESSE Ironheart Range

3 Esse Ironheart heater/ oven models, ironheart, bakeheart & warmheart.

Ironheart wood fired cooking stove range

Everything we know about cooking and heating distilled into one iconic range of cook stoves: equally at home in a farmhouse kitchen in the country, a log cabin by the lake or an off-grid retreat in the wilderness.

ESSE Wood Stoves

esse 990 series wood stove in light blue colour with black flue system.

ESSE began back in 1854 with a simple mission: to create the cleanest-burning, highest quality stoves and range cookers. ESSEs have been relied upon in some of the world's most demanding environments - from the kitchens of the Savoy, to Scottish bothys and royal residences, and they're still built in the UK. Beautifully hand-crafted cast iron cookers. ESSE has been at the forefront of heating and cooking innovation in Britain since 1854. Today, ESSE heating and cooking products remain some of the cleanest-burning and most efficient appliances available.

ESSE Electric Stoves

Esse 990 elx in grey with skillet lid open

 It may look like a wood stove - it may be even built like a wood stove, but its all Electric .At ESSE, in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, there've been engineering beautifully robust cast iron cookers and stoves for over 160 years. And you know what they say: practice makes perfect. Welcome to cooking and heating, with heart and soul.

ESSE Hybrid Dual Fuel Stoves

 freestanding Esse hybrid , half electric half wood

The Esse Hybrid is the perfect "all in one" cooker solution. Half wood - Half electric the Hybrid offers a real solution for all seasons.The 990 Hybrid is all about efficiency. The wood firebox is 89% efficient and will burn 12+hours on a single full load of wood. The electric half is even MORE efficient; using only 15amps of power

Esse Range Hoods

Esse ranghood in black.

The classic look of the ESSE rangehood offers a stunning addition to your ESSE, and comes with LED lights and filters 


grey solid one piece stone hearth for wood heaters

Designed to impress

Fireplace hearths keep your home warm and on-trend. The hearth is in many ways the heart of your fireplace.

All wood Heater Flue Kits

maxiheat decromesh default flue kit

All Flue System Kits and Parts in common colours available.

All Fireplace Accessories

fireplace tools and all fireplace accessories

All Flue Systems , Fireside Tools , Parts  Accessories & more

All Tested & Compliant to the latest AS/NZS 2918 standards

Protective Fire screens

child safety guard for wood heater or fireplace, 3 sides covered, with a door for access.

You can pick a simple steel fire screen that encloses your entire fireplace. Or you can go with a more exotic style. You might fancy a French style with wrought iron or a fire screen in a decorative antique design. There are many designs with enchanting spirals, arches and panels.


Decktite, deks easy to work with logo

DEKS Industries Pty Ltd. manufactures roofing, building, and plumbing products for the construction and industrial market. It offers fittings, flanges, metal roof flashings, tiled roof flashings, non-lead flashings, roofing washers, couplings, and chimney and flue products.

Gas & Pellet Flue Kits

duravent gas heater flue kit parts

 DuraVent is the recognized technological leader in the venting industry. DuraVent is the manufacturer of high quality venting products such as DuraTech, DuraStack, DirectVent, PolyPro, PelletVent, FasNSeal, and, DuraFlex. DuraVent - …

Full Maintenance Services Instore

Old norseman or maxiheat, wood heater fireplace.

Parts & Spares for Most older heaters, Saxon ,Norseman, Coonara, Maxiheat ,CleanAir ,Austwood and More, Just Ask us!